Mish Slade of MortifiedCow

Before we get to the kit, a little background info:

Mish is a copywriter. She helps her clients set themselves apart from the competition through personalityful, attention-grabbing text that attracts their dream customers. For reasons that are still murky, her company is called Mortified Cow. She works with clients all over the world (most of whom she’s never met), across a ridiculous range of industries. The only criterion is they’re not averse to a bit of silliness. – MakingItAnywhere.com, About Us


Mish gives a super detailed review of the items in her kit from 2015. She travels super light, carrying only a Tom Binh bag that weight in at 8.6kg. She also has a unique daypack: a 2-in-1 waistpack/shoulder bag.

Check out her full kit at her travel blog, MakingItAnywhere.